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How to Dual boot with Windows XP

Download *tboot* simply extract it to the root of your Windows partition. Then open up your boot.ini for Windows and add this line to the end.


Now when you boot to the OS selection menu just choose Leopard.

How to Install Drivers from the Leo4All DVD after you boot into Leopard

If you installed the Applications I included, just open up the one called Invisibles. Select Visible, it will automatically restart Finder. Now you can see hidden system files and folders. Browse the DVD to /System/Installation/Packages. All the Drives are in Audio/Nvidia/ATI/Chipset. Additionally if you are on an Intel computer you can reinstall the Leopard Graphics update if you want Vanilla Video kexts for use with EFI-GFX strings. Once finished you can open the Application Invisibles again and click Invisible to reset your view so you don't have to see the annoying .DS_Store files.

How to apply a PPF patch to an ISO in Windows XP

Download and install PPF-O-Matic V.3 Then you simply add the ISO to the source and the PPF to the patch then click apply. Go have a drink and a smoke, when you get back it should be completed.

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